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Four trillion dollar budget resolution the blueprint pass along party lines with a fifty one to forty nine majority president trump calls it a first step towards delivering massive tax cuts for the american people amid criticism from white house chief of staff general john kelly florida congresswoman frederica wilson says she's done talking about a controversy the phone call from president trump to the wife of a fallen soldier wilson says the incident has become totally personnel and allow anaemia weather pattern could produce a milder winter four new england in other news now i judge has ordered the mgm hotel to preserve any evidence from this month's massacre in las vegas cbs news correspondent john lang glare explains how the resort's lawyer handled the mattering court attorney brad bryant said the mgm has copies of everything given to law enforcement in pictures of the suspects room grind himself says he was in that room last night in the broken windows and biohazard left behind has to be cleaned up what remain james will be preserved both frankly unsafety even its current condition in the end a judge ruled in favor of the request though both sides have to narrow it down in a statement mgm resorts says it has no plans to rent out the room used by the shooter a hot pursuit by worcester police leads to charges for an out of control driver that suspect allegedly ran two city cruisers before speeding off on the turnpike wbz's lanta jones has details of the man's capture and arrest state police put stops takes on the highway to flatten the tires of the suspect in quickly it took him into custody state police were notified after worcester officers attempted to speak to the man about a risk training water violation and he stepped on the gas scanner audio courtesy of broadcast fi heart dragnet backed away whenever he took off a pair of what the officer was unhurt here five eager great there is okay it's crazy go back up okay democrat off our queen that har and the crew is there i was able to get out of the way so i'm not struck by the car but i was gonna cod landed jones wbz newsradio 1030 arraignment is scheduled today for dorchester man accused of larceny among other charges victor li is accused of advancing towards police.

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