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Go in her Nando. It's important to know ninety nine point one FM because our AM doesn't yet up there. So past the word because people can't even here talking about it up there. Pass the dear friends up there that you can get us there. Now, we got some great sports. Here's what's trending with Natalie. And Natalie give us the word here. Well, we have the elevator prank. Which is hilarious and includes a casket going into an elevator with unexpected a by standards that experience that was you do if you're in an elevator in a casket came in. I would I mean if there is a dead person at free. I'm actually ask would you say is everybody in there? I honestly I might depending on where I was and what was going on around me. What you've done there you see the body in there. How you see the body in there? It's what do they open cascade got an open. It's an open house the body. See I'd freak out at that happen, especially when it comes to life. Oh my God though. It'd be crazy. We go in with a close. Right. And then they open it. Yeah. I hope so God, we also have a human snowboard somebody uses their friend as a snowboard, and it's actually pretty impressive. How far they make it? That's cool. Yeah. It was pretty awesome and a police chase. Yes. And that is a new Samaras that is influenza, and you're gonna wanna see that. Plus, if you're an older person, and you want to see things the way they used to be back in the fifties. And sixties or even if you're a millennial and want to see the way things used to be back in the fifties. And sixties I kind of enjoyed that the Staubach Lee looking at that gap, and there's three videos in there. It's how kids you see in the nineteen fifties. And how to date in the nineteen fifties. I put a couple to kinda give priority to choose first mistletoe. Yeah. This is great stuff. That's date. Just carry mistletoe that Mr. simple back, then they didn't have Tinder anything there. Did he go meet somebody in person? I want to note here that we're all big supporters of the Ronald McDonald house charities and they're having a scavenger hunt. Saturday the Saturday may four two o'clock. It's a scavenger hunt fundraiser, you can check it on Facebook by going to scavenger hunt fundraiser its at Nolan's pub in safety harbor. It's gonna be a fun event, and it all benefits the Ronald McDonald house charities, which we love here. They're fantastic. WFL? A news dot com slash a EMT be is where you will find all this stuff. WFL a news dot com slash A. M TB, by the way in lakeland and Representative Spanos put this together, but a bunch of World War Two Korean and Vietnam veterans were taken to the Lincoln Memorial. And we're able to visit all of the monuments up there the flight to honor program, and they were able to take a bunch of them up there. And I wish I'd known this yesterday because they came back last night. And they were urging people to come out and visit them at at the lakeland airport last night. And this is something somebody said, and this is true for women's powerlifting. World records were shattered on Sunday by Mary, Gregory, a biological male who identifies as female transgender athlete. Oh, all kinds of powerlifting. World records in the women's squat bench press and dead lift breaking the glass ceiling. Yep. So transgenders are going to have all of those women's world records at some point. And you can bet on that. It's seven fifteen and headlines, I've been seeing or trans athlete demolishes powerlifting. World record. They've demolishing. The speed records running all kinds of records. They're going to own it women aren't going to have any kind of records ever pretty soon. It's seven fifteen almost seven.

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