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They switch everything they sag off with Biggins debut Tillman who's been covering the ball screen, and they just trust that Davis is not gonna make that the three. All right. So one thing that we've noticed just from watching the huddle debt for Michigan state is going to be pressured a little bit more because it doesn't let Kyle orange going back to the locker room again. User battlements back injuries than locker room at least three times at least three John. And I know in past games that I've had for Michigan state. He's been giddy trying to warm the backup because everybody's had back injuries. A lot of times about Senate gives up the inflammation out getting the blood flow at a loosening up. But when you stop playing is what hurts the most Michigan would down with third seat on the shot clock. Three seventeen to play in the game down eight Simpson. Inbounds to bras daycare who goes to the basket. Much experience. It set play out of the time out job drew up something they knew they could get it out the rim. The average is fourteen to sixteen today sixty six sixty under three to play Winston to goint middle to four boys pressured man to man by day kiss mcquaid mcquaid covered by pull back to goings open for three lets it fly. It's no good too strong. Rebound tipped taken by mcquaid foul by. Mcquaid? We'll go to the free throw line. Jordan pool has really struggled at his second half for the wolverines really struggled. But again, you gotta give credit to Michigan state at team where everybody on the floor is gonna play significant minutes in a pressure packed situation. On the road continue to fight through a persevered getting offense rebound secretaries opportunities..

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