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The fan mail is out for a run this morning by the way by the way real quickly tomorrow night we're gonna be the shark club yeah that's the same man hotel in Frisco we're gonna be from five to seven with Tom Thumb in Frisco with Reggie care and then from seven to eleven me Kevin Colby you're gonna be party in our pants off that's right our club and you want to come out there man they had I think I when I was out there the other day I think I saw like thirty taps out their whole so that's just beers that doesn't include the rest of the bar it's a fantastic place I want to see out there tomorrow all right so Jon Kitna was on this morning I was out for a run and I was listening to this and then he was good Jeff stop by you know I get I don't even know I does he just wanted to be part of it or wanted to you know wanted to look John kit then adds or what but he sat down with them and they all had a really fun interview and there are a number of things that Jon Kitna talked about regarding dak and his leadership and we're gonna get into some of those things but one of the things we've kind of try to figure out about the Scott Lenahan offense and the cowboys offense now it sounds like some of the things haven't changed but I think there's a little more of an idea of what they really want to accomplish with this offense and let's go to cut seven on this in here how what they really want to accomplish with this office I think you're you know you're dealing with a very young offense that was growing together and veteran up front but yeah look it the receivers back play with last year none of them were there at the beginning of the season the NBA offseason excuse me and so you know there's there has to be bass becomes ability there and if you ask anybody I think in our from an organization Zeke is our best player is so we're gonna she if you were gonna give our best player a football and in ways that he can be really effective with it and then the passing game I believe becomes complementary to that and I think our our office philosophy is that is so it's not necessarily about having this anima gunslinger I don't really think that's what it is is but what we've talked about as being a home run hitter in a home run hitters kind of looking for one thing and one that pitch comes he's he's gonna try to tear the cover off the baseball and that's what we're doing more every play is designed to you know to get the give us you know down the field and we have to have aggressive mindset for that but when it doesn't we don't get were looking for we have to have the discipline to to check the football down there and discontinue make your now that right there you heard two things Hey they plan on having Zeke and you plan on getting a healthy helping of Zeke whenever he's on the field that I don't think that's going to change because they think he's a unique player and their best player so they're gonna continue given why wouldn't you give your best player the ball right but then whenever he talked about the philosophy of what they want to do every play is designed to have a big plate of Kevin you you went through chasing here it's a list of three things to make a good offense I think awhile back or a successful game recess will win and you always said there is the big play was always something that the the good chasing geared wanted his team to do but it seems like they don't do it enough it seems like the cowboys and a couple years Zeke's rookie year man I wouldn't through engine charted whatever they had a play of twelve yards or more they scored eighty nine percent of the time it was ridiculous whatever they twelve yards twelve yards or more whenever they didn't they didn't score ever but if they didn't have a a drive that had a play one play at least like that they didn't score field goal for touchdown and I think the number was like sixty five percent touchdowns whenever they had that situation arise sos they're always score touchdowns and they're getting big yards now do he says they want to do that but then he says but if it's not there if you don't see it then let's just keep the ball moving that's what their philosophy is now a lot of people get upset thinking well that's all that is is a dumper easy just a guy that throws the short pass only yeah everything behind the line of scrimmage with Dack well it's because the way their offenses design right are they gonna change that this year I don't do you think they're gonna change that part of it this year did you just hear what he said doesn't sound like it it does not sound like it it just says every now and again we'll also makes and that forty yard play which I don't know why this softens works pretty well and if you're able to add some explosive components to it where teams know that if they're not honest that they're gonna get burned by it I think that could open up the offense even more well it's something that though that we continue we looked at especially when you were saying kind of the the bad versions of dak was the points per game you were you were looking at what this office for and what will the defense will allow but you really you were trying to see an offense with this much talent that if you were to hand it to somebody else not Jason Garrett and then Jason Garrett led offense of coordinator if you were to hand this to I don't know anybody that's that was in the playoffs this past year this offense is a thirty thirty five up points a game yeah right yeah but with this office of group you're not that that's what I want to change because I see this opens a group I see how much talent they have in the office of line in the wide receivers the quarterback of the running back you should be putting up points all over the place not hang around twenty four points a game the I just saw this from the nine oh three always feel free to text in eight seven seven eight eight one one oh five three dumper because he's S. and let's go to cut three on here this is Jon Kitna address if he thinks that his **** time though yeah that's a great thrower the football and in spite of what people have tried to create the narrative of he's a great toward a football and in makes throws very easily yes I was just about going to the right place and and we added some new concepts yesterday that we really kind of hand have been working on and and he read a well it in all this stuff and you know if you ask Dack yesterday at the he had a little bit of frustration about yesterday because he wants to score every time and that's it I think that's the fun thing about coaching him is every rep he wants to win and he doesn't accept not winning that race he wants to know why we didn't win the wrath so the sun Hey if you think he's as others quarterback coach didn't think that Italy's he thinks he's a great passer of the football yes I don't understand I know we come back to this time again I don't understand that line of logic like you need to watch the games better or like be happy with the result like if you don't think he's in a lead quarterback and he never will be okay I can certainly live with that opinion but if you think that he socks I just I don't understand where that line of logic comes from at all like nothing bears that out if you watch the game and you see like all the situations that he's capable of bringing this team back from and the things that he's able to do I don't see how you think you socks if you look at the stats he doesn't soccer we compared him to Carson Wentz the other day and shame that person did you destroy it her cousins holding as well yeah it's like the numbers don't bear it out the winds still bear it out the game film doesn't bear that out I just don't get it if you're like well hell never be as good as drew Brees okay I'm not here to argue against that maybe you're right in fact you know when you probably are right is he ever going to be as good as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the modern era okay probably not but to how does that mean that he's socks I don't get it the other thing to the Jon Kitna was talking about was the leadership quality one of the things I don't know and anybody who says he sucks discounts that two zero I don't think I don't think the a lot of people recognize what Jon Kitna was a leader he may not have been made out of been the best quarterback right like yeah he was good sure but as far as the guy in the locker room that dude was a guy that if you ever want it I wouldn't account was locked room plenty of times and people were brought revolved around him they wanted to be near him be part of what he was doing and they wanted to understand you know the message he was trying to get out there and they just liked him and so when he's talking about that one of the things we've discussed and we didn't I didn't ask Jordan this but and the defense loves to watch Jack play in the fourth quarter and obviously it's because the offense puts them in a situation because basing your it says third quarter we're doing the same thing we did in the first quarter don't want this game to get to on competitive yeah right so feeling he does say that forces deck to be fourth quarter hero which is a great thing if you want to be a guy that sit there saying Hey I'll I'll I'll I love this guy and they they do they love in the locker room and get to have this to say about his leadership qualities the I I get to go in and speak to a lot of different people in companies and things like that they'll bring me into speak on leadership in our state you know leadership the top two qualities you want to have this consistency and authenticity and that I think that cats that overflowing levels he's consistent daily he doesn't take days off mentally at all and he's very authentic and he's the same day in and day out and so that's what people are drawn to and you can yeah there might be things you don't like but you know that two years since so you can handle that and he's not changing with the winds I think that's what a great leader to to to to treat you need to have to be a great leader and that right there for me I think is the reason since day one FOR dak that I've been perfectly fine with him as the cowboys quarterback I've seen so many players you can say Ryan leaf you can go look at all the failure failed quarterbacks at young ages they didn't make it and look at how the they turned on the media or they turned on a teammate or they turned on their coach or they just didn't know how to handle all the other pressure that came along with it and you have it dax stepped in against Seattle in a preseason game and threw a strike for a first down on the first play and then worked his way for a touchdown and since then has not been phased by anything maybe maybe he was phased by Atlanta maybe he got the yips a little bit yeah fifty eight times in one game what I absolutely would be but you know what you never heard him throw anybody under the bus you never you you you always see this guy doing everything right sure the answer key and sometimes it in the end that's fine too but he does that waiver whenever the day comes he wakes up and he's like alright we're gonna go out there and try and win today and if everybody's with me were all good if you're not well you better get on the train I want I want to read one of these were getting a lot of feedback as you know you frequently do with daft a severance from nine zero three it's frustrating because he will never be a Lee yet we have to pay him a leak money all right that's fair because I think that's when I started to sour on Tony Romo is everyone was like all what a magical story it is that he's an undrafted free agent and I'm thinking well hell yeah we got over nothing and so he's gonna do stuff that's awesome but it then you paid to have all the money.

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