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We didn't talk about Nikki cross and her debut. I'm curious your take on this. We finally got NICKY cross on smackdown and with sanity my only thought is was this are actual call up. Or was it more like the smackdown writers realize Becky was going to get a mess. It was going to get massively cheer tonight. So they decided to have Nikki tag along to have another UK person to counter becky's crowd favorites status. The crowd didn't like Shane being separate topic there. So yeah, NICKY cross. What did you think of how they handled it? And what is your interpretation Indiana conspiracy theory that it was meant to mitigate becky's chairs on I didn't like it. Hey phone in the moment. Nice to see on key. Cross on unexpectedly surprise is always fun. Jake Burnett ratio because he thought I was mistaken and thinking it was a call up. It may not be it may have just been, hey, this'll be fun when she'll go back next to you. And we won't see her for a while. And if that's the case, I still say, why do this? You're eventually went introduce her. I don't I don't think it was worrying about the crowd reaction because they would have Becky trying to be a he'll if they weren't. I mean, I think they just accept fans Laker now, and we're not going to again, they may try to be cute with it because there's stubborn and and they wanna be right about her as a he'll even though they don't have her playing a he'll anymore. But I don't think it had much to do with that. I don't really know why they did it. And if this was your call up out, I wouldn't get excited about it. Because she lost like about inter first match. And yes, it's the champion. But she's still lost by tap out. In her first match could they could there be some grand plan that? We're gonna look back and go. Wow. Yeah. We we thought it was this. And man, they had great plans for sure realistically, that's not a good sign would. No, I agree. I mean, it is against the champ. She got a lot of offense. The announcers put her over. And her gimmick is such that it's more about how you know, how zany and crazy and unhinged. She is. And so she can sometimes win sometimes lose any can still make a compelling TV character. But it does not define her down. I'm a fan. And I get the qualified this often qualified there's a realities of try to fill TV time with fresh matchups that is a challenge that that the Vincent man in the writers face every week. You know, how do we not get stale? And how do we feel some TV time? And so is Nikki utility act that when you decide to get her hot for a world, title run you book or differently. But in the meantime, you know, she's interesting fresh face to fill TV time against some of the other women. I get that. But my preference is. Is when you get new talent with the upside of Nike cross built into the patient for weeks or months in half, her worker way as journey to match with Becky where people aren't sure how good she has until she faces her and they spent that card on on Tuesday this week in didn't get a lot out of it. No. You just got that. Wow. Didn't expect this kind of reaction which again was fun in the moment..

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