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Oh and one record, bro. Look, if coca smart any is he booked against the pre diabetic, you know, whatever. But the point being are straight. No, I'm just I'm making the point he's getting favorable matchmaking. But I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. I just wanna see. And so, you know, but the thing about he came for WWE great. But what's nothing for is? This endgame, Bobby Lashley. What's his n game? I don't know. We'll say let's see how good he is. Maybe he's actually going to contend for title. Right. Because he did he did wrestle collegiately thousand JIMBO get in the gym don't ochre does. Well with the small picture something about big business. Small Fisher stuff Coker's game to his he'll just book something just to have it on a specific event with no real idea of what's going to happen beyond that. Yeah. All right. Let's transition. If we can't let's talk about the latest McGregor Khabib news. First of all. I just find it hilarious that what was it to twenty nine UC to twenty nine was October six mistaken. So let's see November six December six January six we're now what almost ten to eleven twelve weeks passed that quite twelve but certainly ten or eleven weeks past the point where that happened, and we still don't have any disciplinary finality about this reviewing the tape. Yeah. My guy we wait the closer. We all going to be grandfathered any. Retroactive retroactive. So won't matter. I understand. But if you knew what the punch was gonna be a while ago, you could at least begin to think about what you're going to be for match-making a more serious way. So it's I find it so annoying that these Shinsho commissions. We have to really consider the evidence just give stop lying all right event. So there's that that's coming up what next week if I'm not mistaken so kind of resolution about that pretty close anyway. So I don't want to talk about we'll make one brief comment. We're not even gonna discuss on the show. I'm gonna say one thing there are rumors floating out. There about Conor McGregor being involved in an alleged incident. I get Email after Email after Email asking me why no one is discussing. This is all I'm going to say right now, I have no affiliation with that team. Hell their cochon blocked me on Twitter of never asked for an interview. I've never I don't know people..

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