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You want to buy them. If you can answer this question correctly. This does not work in one out of every four US homes. What do you think it is Lindsay air conditioning? Especially if that happens in the middle of August mail to pay. Actually a very good. Guess not the one we're looking for this morning. Thanks for playing the Lindsey of great day. Thank you guys. Talk to you soon. Bye, susan. You're kicking it and sterling right now. What you guess. Hi. Good morning doorbell. Ding dong. Are you having that issue or have you I have it but I don't know. It just seems right doorbell work. It works. Now, there was a time it didn't own even have one of those who f- doorbell thing, knock not, what is this? No. Well, congratulations Susan that is our answer. Oh my God. One because you've got that answer right now, you're gonna go see Neil Giraldo. Let's Ethridge this fair wolf trap, June. Twenty fifth. Tickets available now at track that or ding-dong. Susan, you're going. And dong. Thanks for playing are nearly impossible question. We're Toby chilly in the morning. It's ninety seven point one wash them coming up just minutes after seven wait till you find out when most people start planning their wedding. It's way before they're in a serious relationship. You mean you started planning your wedding when you were five? We'll get to that though. And if you're gonna stay with us, Lisa Bayden, started planning her wedding when she was three and she's got.

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