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On 7 10 W. O R. Given by our pal Steve Roberts, the ABC News political analyst. I don't I don't know whether you know this is like the story that won't go away. I guess we just have to wait for Inauguration Day and then it's over. Is that how it works? No, he wouldn't come close to being over. Yeah, one part of one states of it will be over for me. But the president is consumed with grievance here and he cannot abide the notion that he lost. You just can't We've talked about Trump for years on this show, and he's not He's 74 years old. He's not going to change and everything follows through him. This is a man totally incapable, seeing the world and through Tow any other lens but his own grievance and his own consequence in his own ego. And so even though his own attorney general has said the election is fair, even though the director of cyber security and his own department Homeland Security Civics Fair Even though Republican governors in places like George is that it's fair, even though judges he him pointed to the federal bench have rejected his suits. He continues to say There's only one word for it and thats lie. He continues to lie to the American people, because ah Lai is a big word. It's an incendiary words. But lie means that you, you say an untruth knowing it's untrue. And he knows its own true and he keeps saying it and it's not going to go away on January 20th because he has a powerful hold over the Republican Party and the loyalties of his supporters. He's raised millions and millions of dollars. Feeding people. These lies about the election, and he's going to continue to be a major factor in Republican politics long after Joe Biden is president. That's very true, Steve, I think, and he may hold a Maga rally. Well, Biden is having his indoor driving inaugural, but my question for you is and Biden will be the president. We know this Um Does blended. You hear that? Mark that down? He said Hillary still retracted at nine o'clock. Well, so but Steve, Steve, Steve, I gotta ask you, though. Can you understand those of us who supported Trump? And we were just tired of that Washington establishment that you know so well. That did get us involved in all these global alliances that killed working class people in this country that got us into these wars. Trump up ended that with Biden or we could just going to go back to the establishment running things and telling us how we should live our lives. Can Biden just bring it right back to the Obama years? Look, I can understand the appeal of Donald Trump, and he He had insights into the mood of the American people that a lot of Washington pundits, including me, Missed and didn't understand and give him credit for being a shrewd of Andre, powerful politician who got himself elected president. In the face of all of the naysayers who said it could never happen, including people at some point, Don't said that, Ah lot of what he said to people is not true. He said. He was takes us one example. Michael, that all of these blue collar jobs. All of these industrial jobs were stolen because of trade deals and he was going to bring them back. That was never going to be to those jobs were lost because of changes in technology and international supply chains and he was never going to bring him back and he hasn't brought them back on, dear not coming back on. Everybody who has ever studied the issue knows it, so a lot of his grievances were not necessarily based on on accurate descriptions of the situation. But Biden when you say it's what is Biden gonna restore, But I think by on store is a sense of civility, a sense of decency, a sense of mutual trust. What in Washington, and, uh today under Trump. The hostility between the two parties is so profound. They don't even talk to each other, and this is a very divided country facing an enormous number of problems. And whether it's a dealing, creating a stimulus package toe help folks get through the enormous financial burdens of the of the pandemic, whether it's lowering drug prices and other issues facing the country. It's only one way to happen on one way, and that's true bipartisan cooperation, and I do think I think it's a small chance. But I think Joe Biden expect 36 years in the Senate. I think that's an advantage. I don't think that's a discipline. I think, having been part of the Senate for so long, having had relationships with Republicans across the aisle, Understanding that compromise is a noble idea, not a Uh, not a curse word. And by the way, he's going to get a lot of pressure from the left wing of this party not to compromise, either. Yes, that's a very Yeah, Absolutely. But I think there's a term of a possibility here that he could start building a sense of trust with that least some Republicans across the aisle and that I think it's a good thing. And if he restores that The American public in the American people who could benefit from it. Dave Roberts ever. The optimist are Buddy ABC News Point, Judge. Take care of yourself Stable talking. Okay, Okay. All right. Okay. So.

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