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It thank you sir all righty best to you robert grand rapids michigan the great w k zeo go mr levin i love your show i have been overcome their for quite a while and i work quite a lot mcveigh it's quite an honor for you to be speaking committee today yes it is you know you don't have a criminal record do you know i mirror i mirrored clean air well i just checking adequate euphoria leonard accountable point do it if you give me to go fast i got one min i couple what whipped thinkers worked right now the pera iraq that we have in this country or the crime being committed by illegal immigrant better in the country i read or heard somewhere i believe it was that a couple of radio show that forty percent of all the major crimes were committed in highlighting by bubba slow down i don't know a couple of radio shows and giving you statistics i don't know what that means as to your question which is worse while so let me ask you something if there is an act of terrorism the blows out our electrical grid or there's an act of terrorism the blows up one of our nuclear sites i would say terrorism is worse i choose not to pick between one or the other they both involve extreme acts of lawlessness open borders that's not with the immigration laws provide for sanctuary cities these are lawless cities defying federal law they're using nullification much the way the confederacy used nullification and that is they just claim to be on their own and they don't care what the federal law has to say but acts of terrorism i would ask you is nine eleven a horrific act of terrorism yes it was so i think it's it's irrelevant that we choose between the two we shouldn't have to choose between.

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