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The speed limit when he crashed his vehicle earlier this year in the L. A area. CBS is Tina Patel has the details. Investigators say Woods was driving at an unsafe speed when he went off the road and crashed his SUV and Rolling Hills Estates in late February. That SUV had a black box, and investigators say it shows Woods was going between 84 87 miles an hour at the time of impact that's in a 45 mile an hour zone. They also say what may have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. Sheriff initially called the crash an accident and he still says this morning that there was no reason to check would blood for drugs or alcohol after the crash. The 45 year old golf legend suffered severe injuries but won't face any charges or citations. Well, Saks Fifth Avenue is phasing out products that use animal Fermat Manson has more. The luxury department store chain made the announcement Wednesday, saying all of its first salons will close by the end of the 2021 fiscal year. They'll also discontinue all products containing animal for by the end of fiscal year, 2022 both online and in stores. This comes as many stores have announced. They're dropping animal for products, including Macy's. For Saatchi and Product. I'm at Madison. It's 505 on the kfbk Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. All right, Thank you, Nika and also in our news this afternoon, the Sacramento River Cats are looking toe launch the new season with the return of a popular manager Kate McKay's Mike Lorrie explains the Sacramento River Cats are excited about the return of Manager Day. Brundage. After all, the last time he was in the dugout, the Cats won the triple the national championship. Was back in 2019 last year. Of course, the season was canceled due to Cove It rejoining Brundage this season is hitting coach Damon Minor and fundamentals coach Holbert Cabrera, along with several newcomers to Sacramento's baseball operations personnel. The first game of the season for the river Cats is May six will be on the road in Las Vegas against the aviators and their first home game. Has made 20th against the Reno Oasis batter up..

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