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Business I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay news center the Oklahoma City hazmat team is on the scene of a chemical business in the eighty one hundred block of southwest eighth the fire department says there was a small explosion there and there is a possible hazardous material situation involved as of yet no injuries have been reported this is happening at moon chemical it's near southwest eighth and counsel there is a new police chief in Oklahoma City here's Kerry Laki Oklahoma City manager Greg Freeman announced today the new police chief will be weighed girly he's been in Oklahoma City police officer for thirty years and was most recently one of the departments of for a deputy chief C. replaces former chief bill city who retired in may Cleveland county judge that ball commend today denied a request by Johnson and Johnson to end the state's opioid trial and rule in the drug makers favor without hearing any further testimony it is a motion that is commonly made at this point in a civil trial but it's rarely granted the trial is underway in Norman it will continue now with more defense witnesses taking the stand the state of Oklahoma accuses Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiaries of creating a public nuisance that help because the state's opioid crisis state Attorney General Mike hunter once Johnson and Johnson to pay nearly eighteen billion dollars to abate the opioid problem and a loud motorcycle led to a fatal shooting early Sunday at a mobile home park in still water witnesses say that a man was riding a motorcycle and making a lot of noise twenty three year old Jared Roybal if Tonkawa was in a van and confronted the motorcyclist when according to police the motorcyclist identified as twenty nine year old Darwin Doyle pulled a gun and shot Roybal in the neck Roy both brother drove into a nearby convenience store to get help Roybal was take it you Medical Center in Oklahoma City where he died and Doyle was arrested governor Kevin state today along with the mayors of Tulsa Bixby and Jang's sent a letter to the US army corps of engineers requesting the cord to expedite a feasibility study of the toll so let the system that held.

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