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Medical professional do it would suppose a medical professional. Okay well the otherwise. It's a murder. What a ridiculous question. It's serious wager. anyway. I promise you this is true. You will see people and institutions by the thousands by the millions with people. The minute trump has gone. If indeed biden has won the rest of it blah boma you will see millions of people suddenly sympathetic to the idea of well perhaps we can keep businesses open and it seems. The schools are not super spreaders. They will suddenly follow the science as opposed to just knee jerk opposing. What trump wants. I suspect and you know. We've we've quoted several prominent left these who are honest people say. Look a lot of this resistance to opening up you people are spouting is just because you hate trump and he says open up. I think you're gonna see that received like crazy. I'm hoping that happens and we could have a little more sanity I was going to hit you with a covid stat. That i just came across that was astounding. How crazy is odd. You have it Seconds yeah of the united states yesterday had the most dead's since back in may at about nineteen hundred most deaths in one day from kovin. I hope they're counting. Those who actually died of covid and not with covid fudging the numbers but if the numbers were real it's the worst day since may and You know that's definitely not the direction. I thought we were going during the summertime meeting. No it's it's around. It's absolutely around a lot of places and it comes and goes depending on where you are where you're planning to travel. It's absolutely around in this. It's nasty. It's actually not nasty for the vast majority people. The vast majority but for some people kills him so when the vaccine comes out one way they're going to keep track of it is Ticketmaster is going to play a role. That's kind of interesting to master sir. Going to be a thirteen dollars service charge for no apparent reason. We got the survey on which pasta shaped tastes the best and probably more importantly china who is now the human rights commission for the un of slaves now and forced abortions. And tell you how many kids you can have all kinds of different things Forced de religion is asians. Listen to them actually lecturing us yesterday on. How do we do Get our acts together. The because they're on the human rights commission that's.

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