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BS. All right, editor at large of the ringer Bryant Curtis is here. I felt like you were just odd, you know something happened if you're getting pulled back in. Tom Brady, who's still playing football. Just got signed to a deal to be the new Fox lead NFL analyst, which I guess is going to start TBD. And they're going to pay him ten years, $375 million. Which is seems intentional. It's basically twice as much as Tony Romo and tri Aikman. And we have no idea if he's going to be good at announcing football games. None. Zero. I followed the guy 20 years. I have no idea if he's going to be good. I'm leaning toward he might actually not be good. Oh, but I'm not willing to rule out him being good. My point is, I have no idea. He's always kept it close to the vest. He's pretty good on man in the arena, so gregarious on that. I think it's a little different when you're in the booth and you have to criticize coaches and play calling. And quarterback play, which is a huge part of that job. Strategy, do you think he'll have it? Do you think he'll do it? What your gut check? I think Peyton Manning unlocks something. That Tom Brady can do when he gets in the Fox booth. Whenever that is, TBD, as you say, no pun intended TBD. Which is be professor football. So really what you're talking about is X's and O's. You're happy, you're excited. You're dazzled by quarterback play. But you really never just kill anybody. The only time you really get mad is when football is sloppy or the ref screw up or the coach makes a bad decision. And then you kind of shake your head a little bit like we saw Peyton do on the Manning cast. I'm troubled by this. And I think if Brady fits into that slot, he could be really good at that. Because there's no question he can talk about football and explain football. But yeah, so that's how I kind of see him doing this job. Can you do your thing about what Fox really wants at the start of a football game? The first minute when we come in, we're looking live. What.

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