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Square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners. Ledo Pizza has been a local favorite since 1955 order online at Ledo pizza dot com. I'm re to Kessler, w T o p traffic, and now the storm team forced Chuck Bell. Hurricane Delta is gonna have a big impact on the Gulf Coast over the next 24 to 48 hours and will lead us to a chance for some heavy rain or in the money. They will be dry between now and Saturday night. But that rain event on Sunday and Monday with was left of Delta could easily be a 123 inch rainfall around our area with localized amounts potentially in excess of three inches, so be ready for a lot of rain. A good opportunity to get the storm drains in the gutters cleaned out between now and the end of the day on Saturday, nothing but sunshine today High 73 clear, dry and chilly tonight in the mid forties on Friday morning. Friday, another day filled with sunshine and highs near 70 Saturday. Very cloudy way more human on Saturday with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies and then the rain likely to start sometime Saturday night and again could be some heavy rain Sunday into Monday. I'm storm team for meteorologist Chuck Bell for w T o P Bright sunshine Blue skies 61 degrees in Washington. Thiss is tell you t o p Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated in your car at home at work and told to go w T o p Never miss a moment. Good morning. I'm Deborah Feinstein. And I'm Mark Lewis Fonda. Blondie is our producer.

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