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Can collect benazir of now it's 62 they might make it seventy for future generations maybe or we've heard about cost of living adjustments right those inflation adjustments social security grows by maybe they get rid of those or maybe they start to increase the amount of taxes they they they take out of social security i don't know i think they are going to have to tweak the system i mean all signs point towards that but if i was a baby boomer today i personally would assume or plan to collect the high majority of my projected benefits at least in this guy's opinion yeah okay that's good that's what we want your considered the expert today so your opinion accounts at least as much as the next guys and probably if outrightedly in this case more so look tell us tell folks about how they can get started on this we mentioned it wants to just a minute ago the roadmap for retirement and everything that that includes including helping people maximize their social security benefits yet inida's in social security shas one laywer to it um for those looking for that second opinion or that first opinion perhaps on hey i'm getting ready to get serious about right my retirement brett could you give me some guidance or your opinion in my ontrack am i not are there changes i need to make now before it's too late in a we'd been in our roadmap for retirement process we address those five key areas of retirement planning income strategies investment planning tax planning healthcare planning and legacy planning in that comprehensive plan which i think separates us from a lot of our peers in our community here who are or retirement planners i'm going to offer them complementary to the first ten callers on today's show so if you're ready to get serious and.

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