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Bread wine Christopher Cruz a big win in Nevada's caucuses for Bernie Sanders he is now the clear National Front runner for a party he isn't even a member of Sanders got more than half of the Hispanic vote now it's on the South Carolina we're Sanders is looking strong and where former vice president Joe Biden is facing a make or break moment says correspondent Jeff Zeleny in Charleston this morning there's no question that he must win here the next six days are the most important for Joe Biden's political career and this is why if he does not revive his candidacy here in South Carolina with a win and a convincing win his candidacy will not be able to go forward South Korea is in its highest state of alert now as officials try to stop the spread of the corona virus the number of cases has gone from three to one hundred twenty three in just a few days correspondent Ivan Watson is in Seoul south Korean president moon jae in saying South Korea is facing a watershed moment we have vividly witnessed how dangerous it is to have mass meetings in enclosed indoor place in terms of the spread of a contagious disease president moon also said that moves to stop gatherings of a south Korean religious movement known as shin Shoji were not aimed at restricting religious freedom it was also in the interest of public health officials in Italy today said they will shut down some of the more famous events in Venice to try to stop the further spread of the corona virus president trump headed for Germany this afternoon then on to India for a two day visit hundreds of thousands of people are expected to greet him tomorrow on the road leading to a rally at what India says is the world's largest cricket stadium New Jersey sixty two year old democratic governor Phil Murphy says he has what is probably a cancerous tumor on his kidney he said yesterday he'll have surgery to remove it he said he doubts he'll need chemo or radiation I'm Christopher crew have a look at KSFO traffic in back of bill eighty eastbound before Davis street looks like a multi.

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