Curly Fries (MM #3791)

The Mason Minute


The Mason with Kevin Nation. I know I mentioned my distress by the fact that Arby's was taking away potato cakes earlier this year but somebody was poem about curly fries. The other day, which is the French fry of choice for the most part at Arby's. And I want to know who actually likes curly fries and why it has nothing to do with Arby's it's just curly fries in general. I don't understand why people enjoy them because to me they're the worst french fry of all my wife prefers the crinkle-cut fries. If I had to choose my favorite would almost be the shoestring fry, the real thin ones, much like McDonald's used to be. They've been a little bit took over the years, the center of the fry, the better for me, but the curly fry, it's not crisp, it's not very tasty and well it's just blah. I don't mind crinkle fries. But the curly fry, whether it's Arby's or not, just kind of offensive to me but yet they're the ones that are B cells, a ton of and I'm just wondering why that is. I'm missing the boat here, I'm missing something and I just kind of wonder about these things sometimes. Yes, I think about strange things at night but the curly fry, I think we'd be better off without him.

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