Being Unruffled Is All About Knowing Where Your Child's Behavior Comes From


I would not be doing a podcast stuff your feelings hide your emotions if you do. Listen here than you know. That i'm all about the opposite. I'm all about encouraging normalization of emotions all emotions having a curious attitude about them encouraging our child to express all there's no judgment on emotions and yes. We do need to do that for ourselves. As well as models but when i speak about being unruffled what unruffled really is is an understanding of our child and child development and behavior. What causes children to do these kinds of things that this parent shares about screaming in her mother's face throwing books saying she doesn't want to be hugged or kissed those the only actual examples that she gave. But i can picture a lot of things that children this age do. So why do children do this. What's going on with them when we understand that and can connect with it. We're still not going to be perfect. Yes we are going to get triggered or have an emotional reaction to certain things but not as much and the more we practice. What we're seeing here. Which is in all of these cases. Maybe not quite the affection one. But i'll get to that but in these cases of behavior that yes could make us angry or annoyed. The reason our child is doing that. Is impulse impulse. That comes from dysregulation emotional centers. They've gone into fight flight or freeze. They are in. What mondale hooked calls the red zone. They're not using their brains and their reason to do what's right. What they know in the frontal part of their brain is right. That part is getting hijacked by their emotions and tina pain. Bryson dan siegel talk about children flipping their lid. Well that sounds very extreme like something. We would definitely notice right if my child was just going off completely. Sometimes that does happen. We noticed that but through all these other subtler forms of it things like. Here's one that maybe we can relate to as adults. Maybe i've i'm on a diet and cutting sugar out but you my friend see me. There's a candy bar there. And i grab it. Tear the repre start taking bites. Am i super upset their m. i. Flipping my lid not really. But i've done something impulsive. That i don't want to do and so my friend telling me jennings shouldn't do that. Wouldn't be a helpful thing to say because i know i'm not supposed to do it and i did it anyway. An impulse may be do

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