King George Preview: Racing Tips

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Is three thirty five askar on saturday. It's the king george. The six and queen elizabeth stakes over a mile and a half only six runners. If i told you that the forty two one outside and one group one last time you will realize it is a good rice. And here's the betting. The brilliant love heads the betting at thirteen to unreasoning out. Best prices as per racing post dot com and a quick plug. If you click on the best book price button it immediately brings up the latest odds and each way terms from seven of the leading. Mike is a great way to get the best value. Nice and easily. Love is thirteen right. The darby -oday our is five to two lone eagle six to one eight to one wonderful tonight. Nine mishrif and forty. Two one broom silent water. Rice is a rice to watch an enjoy or is it a race to get stuck into from betting spectacle. Start with keith melrose. Yeah think he's more of a risk to enjoy Likud this reysen. You've alluded to let elba oven there. That broom as forty to one. He wanted to grown predeceased clue. Last night i was less than three weeks will not a level. We're looking at here and can you. Can you realistically back horses. Short love than an i. i'd really. I'm a big final of i. Think if you ever beats new foe. She'll be are unbear- handsomely. I think she is a really really good horse. And i assume brooms a pricey as he's sort of presumed on pacemaker. Jd potentially because i think he made all it saw include so we've got the tactical element the only thing. I'm certain industries that every time i look opinion changes slightly. The only one that stays the same. I think a diaz to short. I don't think he was white. The best source on the day darby by suspect key lane would be fifty matt. Husky lost two front shoes that day. Adam kirby saved every autograph on nubian individuals Italian i don't think anything really got the chance to show why it could do. Even though he doesn't he's five to two legal sex to one if they were both see for one it'd be taken roughly the same amount of the market and i think it'd be closer to fee are not regard the deserves to be shorter and on him by just i think five to two is too short and our resolve this qualley will go as far as liam adult. I might just ball it and by club instead because massive fun but it's a really competitive and tough race as going to be mostly by watching for me.

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