A highlight from The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast July 29, 2021


I put together kind of modified the power ratings page that can live on after my time at is finished also some thoughts on the offensive and defensive coordinator for the upcoming college football season. So my favorite season win. Totals a link to my season win. Total spreadsheet is in those win total pieces as well as you could check that out over at a. t. s. dot. I uh-huh all right. Well this is it a fond farewell here on today's show. This is the one thousand five hundred. If i watch the number so unbelievable that i can't even get it out here. The one thousand five hundred eighty fourth podcasts. That i've done between bang the book and a t s and a lot of people. I wanna thank you so if you bear with me at the start of today's show here first and foremost thank you ryan sent me a cold email after i had been doing podcast with my good friend matt lindemann four beyond the bats sent me an email asked if i wanted to do something like that. Four bang the book. The rest has been history here. It's been a phenomenal run something. I'm very very proud of something that i feel like. I've accomplished here in my life in my career. Over over fifteen hundred episodes a lot of episodes. I'll talk a little bit more about that here in a couple of minutes but first so many people that i need to thank here and as i said ryan at the top four getting the in with bang the book and everything that has happened since then but obviously major thanks. Go out to my dude kyle hunter. We've become excellent friends through doing the show. When i first started a college football podcast for bang the book There was a pick selling side to bang the book at that time. Kyle is one of the handicappers all. I really had to go off of was a picture and said you know what this guys are. All my age probably should be able to have some pretty good back and forth about college football and not only did blossom into a great show. But kyle's also become one of my best friends not just in this business but overall as a whole so obvious they have to thank him for all of his contributions both on the written side and then also doing segments here on the show with me. And i know that our friendship will absolutely live on. I'm not sure how often will get the chance to work together. I hope that we do but you know a phenomenal guy. A great handicapper. A great friend to me. We've had a lot of good chats both on air and off the air. So i know kyle will be listening to this and i greatly appreciate his friendship and everything that he's done for me. Brad powers i also great friends phenomenal guests to have on the shows. You're talking college football and the nfl did meet him independent of the show but was able to get him on the show. And you'll lob really develop a strong friendship with him and you know one of my most respected colleagues here in this business. So thanks as always to brad powers so many other people. Brian blessing guy. That also i've become very close with your wind up doing his show here later this afternoon. But he's been a tremendous help to me with this podcast west reynolds guy that i used to have on every wednesday with the daily shows on. Obviously his career has gone on to bigger and better things but always great to work with him. Ralph michaels and brian leonard. The guys from over at wagertalk dot com. And you know. Brian is somebody that really helped me along in this industry more than a decade ago now heard him on chad moments. The odds podcast thought. This guy's talking way too much about the cleveland browns. So one of reaching out to brian and he's become more pretty much a mentor to me in this industry so very happy to call him a friend who was very happy to have him on the show as often as he was and same thing with ralph michaels. Kind of keeping with that. Cleveland connection there are alpha guy. That's helped me out tremendously as well. So thank you to him for all the times that he hopped on the show with me to talk all things sports betting we would talk. Nba college basketball college football nfl. All kinds of good stuff With all of those guests. That i've mentioned here so far. Kevin neal from the odds breakers guy. It's also become a very good friend of mine. Thank you to him for. Always being supporter of the show tweeting about the shows liking the shows retweeting the posts that he's done a phenomenal front and he's got a great site over at the odds. Breakers i encourage you to check that out. If you haven't already. Cole ryan doesn't work for banged the book anymore but i started with the nfl podcast with him. We had joined entries in the super contest. Got to talk a lot about what we were doing on the nfl side so thanks to kohl. Whatever he's doing. Out there. Nowadays brent from joe everett tony george. All the people that came on this show did guest spots from various blogs various websites whether it was with bang the book or a t. s. my heartfelt. Thanks go out to all of you for your time for your efforts for taking this seriously for making my job very very easy on the show here and then. I don't know how many people know this. But along. With during the podcast and being a lead writer overpaying the book was in charge of the writers. You know i was putting together a content team doing a lot of things with them so a long list of people here as well. Parker michael's rich laments. Jonathan willis asmir aljic. David leverrier john ryan Big ted waga kelly garrett who does a phenomenal job on the tennis side manitoba money. Doug did some good. Nba stuff for us. Corey paps danny. Borg's andrew howard eram legion alex christiansen. Who now you know from brown bag bets. Over on vets verts more commonly known as nukes. James mazzola did great gulf work for us fabian. Suma did some great stuff on the nfl side. Ken barkley who you know. Better as lockers in from you better you bet a lock.

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