Valve Announces Steam Deck to Compete With Switch



Steam which is made by valve company valve They just announced pretty much. What was it last. Wednesday last thursday out last week. They announced the steam deck. So again yes. It's very similar to the deck. It's called the steam deck and it is a handheld system. It looks a lot. Like the sega game gear it does. It's gotta come back in the day. A seven inch screen. That is is pretty good. I mean he's still looks like a great screed. Yeah it's a decent screen as hand-held it's got the analog controllers got a directional controller. it's got a touch pat on both sides for more of a mouse movement. Kind of thing. It's got a few buttons on the back. A few buttons on the top. So it's got more buttons per se than than than ten to switch but it was interesting about is like i said it's not only just. The name is very close to el gado stream deck. Yeah and and it's still yet to be found if that's going to be the final name i mean. There is a website street or steam deck dot com steamed Dot com is where you can find the the information on this hand-held device but nintendo i think they gotta be shaking in their boots. Because nintendo's had this the the switch that's twenty seventeen and they keep talking about switch pro yes. Is this new model. Yeah basically that's when his was doing is like everybody's sitting there saying hey nintendo. It's time to upgrade your system. Let's get a new switch switch pro. That's got better. Cpu a better graphics card. A bigger screen nintendo's like oh biggest green. Sure we'll give you bigger screen. We'll wait hold up. No no we want. We want a better processor and gpo. No no no no just going to better screen. That's all they're doing. They're releasing the exact same switch with a better screen.

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