The Murder of Freda Burnell & Florence Little

Casefile True Crime


Hours earlier freida burnell had been skipping down somerset straight into abbott o'leary's bustling ten santa. This saw little freida in her black button. Boots red cap and brown coat all by herself didn't raise any eyebrows. The coal mining town she called home was small and locals trusted. Each other freida was running an errand for her father who was in need of some fade and poultry grit for the chickens. They owned he had promised his daughter. A penny as a reward for buying. This applies on his behalf at around nine. Am the bill at the top of the front door of mortimer's store jingled as freighter rented the shops specialized in livestock supplies. And while they had the chicken fade free freighter requested. They want any sex grit. Only loose grit frieda said she would home to oscar father if that would suffice. And if so she would come back but she never returned by light afternoon. Habita- leary's locals were assisting police and the bono family in trying to locate freida somehow during her journey. Home from mortimer's store. She had vanished without a trace the following morning a local worker finished his shift in the minds and begin the walk back to his home as he approached. Abbott o'leary's tan center. He headed dan narrow. So i'd alley where he stumbled across a hessian sack discarded in the mud. It clearly held stomping. The co worker examined the sack closely. Inside was the buddy of eight year. Old freedom no her remains had been dumped just to nineteen majors from her house. Freed i had sustained gonna blow to the head but it was the cord still wrapped around her neck that it caused her. Death at pace of cloth was stuffed inside her mouth and her wrists and ankles tied behind her back with the road. Her attacker had also attempted to ripe her. The shocking murder rattled. The typically carefree townsfolk freebies. Funeral was held on the straight outside her home to facilitate the lodge crowds of mourners. That wished to attend. They circled around her smoke. Coffin this sense of loss tinged with fee as they wanted who among them would carry out such violent and disturbing crime

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