Infrastructure, Jobs and Climate Change


So i wanna start with your giving us an overview of the infrastructure. Plan as you understand it you know what do you what do you see is specifically in it. And what do you think the priorities are. Well thanks so much john. And it's a pretty comprehensive plan. And i think the general theme to keep in mind for your viewers is. This is very much a jobs plan. But there's no question in the minds of anyone who's read or in the administration that the belief behind the plan is that it at the same it deals with really four interwoven challenges that the administration is facing and of course the first is the post pandemic reality. The second is the economic downturn. The third is the climate crisis and the fourth is inequality and racial equity and the disproportionate environmental harm and other harms had replaced on low income communities and communities of color. No not putting those in any kind of priority. They're all of the utmost important but the general theme is that the road to economic recovery is through climate action and so it isn't infrastructure. A jobs plan. But there's no question that it very very intentionally addresses the climate crisis in a number of ways and know that the bite administration signaled his plans. He's been remarkably consistent with messages of last summer. If you saw the the biden clean energy biden plan he had a whole blueprint around clean energy and environmental justice and he has come through with flying colors in this plan. You know first and foremost it really is a building up of the clean energy sector the job-generating clean energy sector and the lesson from two thousand nine. As you all know now from the stimulus that then vice president biden worked on it. It just was simply not enough. Finding it wasn't enough finding it wasn't enough where the energy sector so this is gonna largely come through in the form of an array of renewable energy tax credits various forms and which are wildly popular and successful Those are really important. We'll certainly get the support of the business and there's something called a direct pay provisions that is important to renewable energy developers for those who may not have the adequate tax equity to benefit from a tax incentive. That's built into the into the whole thing at this point. I want to say that. There's something called justice. Forty which is outlined from the very beginning. President biden made it clear that forty percent of the benefits of his investments would go to underserved frontline disadvantaged communities

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