Alabama Dominates the SEC


I thought today, the SEC. Really showed. The dominance and superiority that it has Over the rest of college football. If you had to say today. What Two teams are the biggest winners of the day. Who did you come out most impressed by who put together the best effort who got the biggest wins who really jumped off the screen who sizzled the most. I think both of those teams would be in the SEC. Alabama. Was special today. You can't really dominate a good opponent. Better than what we saw Alabama do earlier today. 1 44 to 13. They just continue to have a quarterback factory. Bryce Young. For 344 Yards, four touchdowns. For Alabama, So you know they ran the ball effectively. They had a big time wide receiver effort today. From Jamison Williams. I mean, this was It is Alabama. They went out there. And they were clearly the best

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