Taliban Announces Formation of New Afghan Government

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The taliban announced a new government in afghanistan. that's not likely to get a lot of support from western nations. It does not include any women or members from the last afghan government's leadership instead. This new interim government is stacked with taliban veterans who were in charge of the hardline government. Twenty years ago. Several of them are listed by the us and united nations as global terrorists. For example. the key post of interior minister was given to a man. Who's on the fbi's most wanted list. He led a network. That's blamed for many deadly attacks and kidnappings and he's believed is still holding at least one american hostage besides him. Other cabinet members used to be inmates at guantanamo detention camp and at least one of the leaders is said to have ties to the al qaeda terror group that was responsible for the attacks on nine eleven. The taliban says these appointments are temporary but they have not said how long the last who is going to take over next or if there might be elections for now. The taliban is also urging foreign diplomats embassies consulates and humanitarian organisations to come back to afghanistan all western nations left when. Us troops withdrew last month. The us and other countries also froze afghanistan's funding. That's desperately needed as much as eighty percent of the country's budget comes from the international community but global leaders in lenders say they're waiting to see how the taliban will treat the opposition women and minorities before they send money

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