Conservatives Need To Stand Up Against Vaccine Mandates


Let's talk to jeff from plymouth michigan. I'm reading this correctly. His son plays college hockey in their mandating. The vaccine jeff you there. Yes i charlie. Did i get that my you did. plays college hockey vantage mandated may vaccine with religious and medical exemption consideration. Road zone letter got denied. We have a meeting with the dean tomorrow. Just kind of wondering if you had any thoughts. And i have a letter from a priest you know religious conviction conscience etcetera etcetera Just kind of wondering any other thoughts or ideas about how to To twist the arm so to speak about For providing for an exemption for what school. I'm just curious. Lawrence tech lawrence tech and that is of course in in michigan app saris lawrence technological university's about a four or five thousand students private university in southfield michigan. Let me ask you. Your son plays hockey. Has he's played hockey his whole life. This means a lot to him right. So this is basically yes to make a decision to take a specific piece of medicine or forsake. His dreams that am. I understanding that correctly. That is correct these yup and he's already decided he's not taking the vaccine. He'll give up hockey's because he's not taking the vaccines for for a number of and it's not the lisa which is appeased feces and knees. Bend the pro life. March may times in dc spend standing in front of abortion no with us for twelve years etcetera etcetera. So no way. He's getting the vaccine buddy shirts. But at the same time heartbreaking that he has to give up his you know sports and play fighters old well. And so i. I just wanna say while you're still in the line here jeff that you should be praising your son for his courage and his moral conviction the lord will bless him for that and there will be another place for in the play. Hockey will will help find him one if we have to. I know thousands of college athletes. That are in the same position there. I'm happy to offline. give you some piece of advice. So if you just email me freedom. At charlie kirk dot com. I'm going to connect you with someone who has actually helped navigate this. Unfortunately you don't have a lot of legal recourse here conservatives. Need to stand up for people. Like jeff and his son and say that this is an overreach of power we as conservatives like limited government because we want people to be a live with their own natural rights

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