Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate Now in Effect and Jennifer Horn Won't Stand For It


Bad. Santa phone welcome back whammo blam oh zab whammo of the blam. Oh how are we doing this fine. What what day is it today. Wednesday wins it's wednesday day. Are we doing well. You know what things are a little tough here in la. I'm fully on strike. I just started my strike about four and a half ago Yeah well the city of los angeles has now voted to make sure that people without vaccine status without you won't be able to go indoors anywhere. Basically without showing papers that means restaurants gyms movie theaters nail salons. And you know how. I like to get my. You're wrong you're wrong. You just have to go to the french laundry exactly now you the french laundry. Easy peasy but this is a pretty in fact a very significant change for la city not to be confused with la county orange county the rest of the state. Some of them are still experiencing little bits of freedom but la city. And that's where. I live in the city of los angeles Says no more. If you don't prove your vaccine status you can't go anywhere. And i gotta tell you says nothing to do with the vaccine. We could argue all day long about whether it's right or wrong vaccinated unvaccinated. If you don't stand up for freedom right now you might as well say goodbye for it. So i am not going to any place starting immediately. That requires me to show them. This is the point. It's a matter of

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