All About Afrezza Inhalable Insulin and MannKind with CEO Mike Castagna


Thanks for joining me. I'm really excited to catch up and and learn. I'm stuttering because i can't believe this is the first time we're talking to you. But thanks for coming on. I'll thank you raviol- super excited before we jump in and start talking about a raza. Can you give us some perspective. Kind of dial back because mankind is not. It's not a name that came out of nowhere. There's really important history. Can you talk about that a little bit. I sure mankind comes from our founder named alfred mann and now man was a true innovator he started i think seventeen companies and everything from you know to cook lawyer. Implants to the pacemaker To insulin pumps that many of us know. Today's medtronic used to be called mini. Med and now man built on pumps over the eighties nineties and was very successful and sold that company to medtronic and then he took literally one billion dollars of his own money and invested in mankind and he had put this coming together Through three companies the on the technology to make a freezer would was was really combination of companies. And the reason he was so dedicated as he saw in the market which we now see today on c. gm was that the variability in mealtime control was so high and fluctuations. You see the influence takes about an hour and a half to kick in. And it's hard to get real time control if you can't get a fast acting insulin. And so he stood up to make a real thing. Insulin so president inhaled Monarch and that was really what the magic was in our technology making a dry powder was was if you heard different face cream. We have basically large dob machines and our our factory reverie free dry the particles to make a freezer and Under stabilized monomer form. So when you're inhaling you're inhaling informed that soon as it's in your blood active for when you inject it has its heck summer and has the breakdown about forty five minutes. And that's how you can make it stabilize in injectable form But it has to break down and then starts working. And that's why there's always dislike effect between you know we see jekyll. On inhaled also very different products were categorized with mealtime rapid acting but named mankind comes from alabama and guy who probably sixty people in pumps there pumpkin. He created so on amazing. Gentlemen huge contributions diabetes and people alive today because of his work and his generosity. Rovan take that forward here and kids and frozen hilton

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