A highlight from Raab faces Afghanistan grilling from MPs

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Hello and welcome to coffee. House shows the spectators. Daily politics podcast. I'm cindy and i'm joined by katie and james site so today actually dominic robb was in front of the foreign affairs. Select committee answering questions about his handling of afghanistan situation. His we say we wanted to get some of those mcgahn ahead through but the buses arrange to collect them take them to. The airport weren't given permission to to to to enter and i'm afraid reflection of the conditions on the ground. We would have cost which comes back to the third country arranged. They eligible paperwork. So let's let's stick with sodas because the defense secretary let's stick with the same issue because you can't say whether the hill not so you're not answering the question allow to move on defense. Actually who i think is credited by most having worked through this crisis. Johnson the question for us sixty so. Let's move on katie. How did you think dominic robb did because he does seem a little bit irritated. At times i being are so many hard questions and run on quite a long time. I think ahead of his parents. It was dubbed almost by some as a make-or-break appearances. I was always skeptical of just in the sense that we know that. Boris johnson doesn't really play by conventional wisdom when it comes to ministers being sacked pushed out. He he tends to stick his ministers. But i also think that it wasn't the horror show just objectively. It could have been dominic robb. It doesn't mean to say what particularly well. But i didn't hear much weaker than he was going in. And you can see the line defense. That dominic robb is going full which we talked about yesterday which is openly say. Mrs santa military intelligence values. And that's why people could have. God doesn't link so specifically with his holiday. But the implication is they can have made plans time specific because everything was just to take a longer time and actually it was unlikely that kabila with fall this year.

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