Rumblings Among Democrats That They're Screwed for 2022 Midterm Elections


There's some rumblings up on Capitol Hill amongst the Democrats, who are starting to freak out. The rumblings are that they are about to get destroyed in 2022 in the midterms. I mean, lose every string swing district lose pretty much every Senate seat that's competitive, maybe even lose semi competitive Senate seats, and the route could filter down to the Virginia governor's race and elsewhere. Where racist what they thought were solidly democratic that are off your elections. They're not Virginia and New Jersey have off year elections, but they're hearing up on Capitol Hill and this should make you smile. Little bit. No, no, no reason to get complacent. We gotta double down now. But I'm hearing that up on Capitol Hill. The Democrats are in meltdown panic right now because they feel like this could be such a brutal drubbing that it will cascade for years. The damage about to be done to them in the midterms. It's for a lot of reasons. It's not just their peer fear. Porn panic panic Campaign for coronavirus. It's their relentless pursuit of racism with CRT CRT trying to teach your kids to be raised. Just it's it's their open borders crusade infected people piling across the southern border 900% increase over 14 months, no rules whatsoever, spreading them out all over the place. Illegal immigrants all over the United States. It's the crime wave happening in liberal cities. The Democrats are about to get destroyed. They know it. So reason number one. They're turning up the fear porn campaign again to make you scared. Absent any significant data to show you you should be scared they're making it up is because they need to fear porn. Cheat in 2022. Yep, I said it. That's right. They scare you guys in the studio. Okay, there. You ready for that? That's right. Did they want to cheat in 2022? How do they cheat energy the same way they cheat all the time.

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