'Triad of Comedy' featuring Don Friesen, Steve Smith, and 'Mr. Bullhorm' Glen Super Show #75 - burst 01


Right now one of the funniest on the road ladies and gentlemen. Here's done freezing talking appliances in the next couple of years ago but talk to your kitchen. Is that gonna help our lives. Life done goofy burke. Microwave say cook you say how hot the blender and the toes we'll keep you up on that was Losing weight and have fridges pissed. Cheer loud he took it wrong. Going to couples. Counseling blender with issues. You know enough cities with your toaster. On the dr phil show. So you're just and he just want to come home. Have your bread all ready to go up. They know understand guys. Never see that coming like Yeah that's pretty much what i do. Who do you think you like a dr phil. Alarm clock heavy great. How can you sleep through that. You need to wake up. You need to wake up. Wake up this news more than twice as war. Were you walk in the jimmy j. christmas. Did i miss a turn off to crazy town here

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