Interview With Developer, Jason Rohrer



So i wanna get into prodi december. What is it and why did you created so project. December is a system that allows Human being to have a back and forth conversation with an artificial personality like dialogue through text is you can type questions to artificial personality for example and the Artificial personality will answer back and you can have a back and forth. That goes on from there. And it's based on these underlying text engines that came into the world within the past year and a half or so basically text completion engines right so the these engines allow you to provide a prompt to the system. For example you might give the first few lines of banana cream pie recipe for example and then the artificial intelligence will continue generating tax to complete whatever you have started right so complete the rest of the recipe for example. You start giving it the first few lines of a poem. It'll right the rest of the poem. If you give it fi first few lyrics of a rap song rap lyrics for you if you give it the first few sentences from a paragraph or monopoly will continue writing the rest of the novel for you so this is pretty fascinating technology because it can write text very convincingly but then the question is what do you use it for. A lot of people are like well. Use it to write my blog from me or i'll use it to tweet from here. Use it to write magazine articles or books or something like that but it turns out that kind of a firehose hose of language in a way right once the starts going and starts generating text based on what you said. It just keeps going off in its own direction and it kind of goes off into bizarre directions. Very so project december tries to leverage this text completion service to enable a dialogue back and forth between a human user. And that kind of keeps they i on track more and keeps it from kind of going off into these strange directions. Like for example. If you ask it to generate a banana cream pie recipe might start generating. Something seems very sensible says. Step one get three eggs and two cups of sugar and so much lower and so on and three sticks of butter but then by the end of the recipe it's talking about you know grinding a mouse and putting it in the recipe or something right but in a dialogue the human being intervening every couple of sentences right and so that back and forth kind of keeps the ai on track and keeps it going into a flow of a conversation that can become very convincing for the human user

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