Rabbi Yehudah Glick on Building a Third Temple on the Temple Mount


People are not allowed to pray on the temple mount. So i'm allowed to visit but i'm i'm theoretically not allowed to pray. Is this rule changing or changed. I know you are working. So t tell me where are we we. We really made a change. And as i said in the past anybody who moved his lips was immediately arrested today. More and more jobs. Come on wait a minute. You're not kidding people. Move your lips in the past. That was what what situation was. Five hundred and ten years ago up there and i start moving my lips. What what happens. Succo cop the. Yeah the the. The jordanian palestinian walks would immediately call the police and the police would say. Listen this the status quo and then we can't allow that. But really i wanna i wanna. I just prefer looking towards the future. Because i have a illness. I don't know if you know. I'm very optimistic. Like it and i believe that we can bring the change. And we're bringing the change. And i really want to tell you that i have the privilege of here being right now as you said. We're all our hearts in israel and that's where we live but i'm here now with hadas who's really leading leading a revolutionary idea which is no greater than the one that i'm dealing with if i'm dealing with the destruction of the temple home of god that that has been destroyed two thousand years ago and we are rebuilding hadas dealing with present reality. And i think it's important that your listeners. Listen to this. Revolutionary thing that does is leading together with me. Tim foundation look for we get to that. Just give me quickly. Are you advocating rebuilding the temple building a third temple. And where is that just briefly. Because i'm just trying to no it's not. I am not advocating. The bible advocates talks about building a house of prayer for all nations. We want the one only god his he has one. His name is one and we. Are we believe that. The people have been chosen to be light upon the nation's to be a blessing to the families of the earth and teach them that. We're all worshipping one god even though we're the verse in systems and the way he's not mean to be convinced that it should be there. I think it should be there. But i mean. Is this realistic that they would allow jews to build a temple on the temple. Mount strikes me as very difficult if i would ask you eighty years ago. Is it realistic. Jewish state will be established in the middle east. Never anthro

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