Kevin Durant, Draymond Green Blame Steve Kerr & Warriors GM for Split


We're still talking about the fall out of the draymond green kevin durant situation the show. They did in which they both said. Hey it's bob myers and steve kerr's fault why. The dynasty broke up because of the way they handled our disagreement that we had in two thousand eighteen as time has gone on like you see this look draymond. Green is a smart guy. He knows the impact of his words. Is this dream on pulling james harden going you know what whatever conversation we've had the at the olympics when everybody's hanging out. Hey i want out golden state now. Because i want to get someplace else. 'cause you're blowtorch and your gm at your coach something. That was three years ago. I i've not heard tentatively that that was the purpose behind what he said and there remains the possibility that it was simply. I wanna clear my name. And i wanna do something. That's explosive on my first podcast as i prepare myself for my post my post playing career. i do. I will tell you that it did not sit well at all with the warriors and it shouldn't that from either. Yeah from either one of them and it it. It does undermine their authority and moving forward trying to trying to put this team together.

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