Elimination Communication with Go Diaper Free Founder Andrea Olson

Babes and Babies


You were saying. You're hardly ever pooped in a diaper. So people listening are like wilbon. Where did they poop in the toilet or with breastfed baby. I let mine poop in the sink better for my back and it just rinse down and it's my sink but you know in the toilet There are these little top hat potties. Also start. I brought those to market a couple years ago because they stopped making them in singapore but in third world countries. You'll come across these top half hotties that you hold between your legs and They go in that. So yeah instead of using the diaper as a toilet use the toilet as a toilet from whenever you hear about e. c. and ec. Elimination communications. Basically you start any time between here. Eighteen months and it's based on their inborn instinct. They don't like their mammals. We are all mammals. And no ma'am all likes to soil. They're den or their caregiver or themselves so when they're crying and crying and you're like oh i've tried everything i've tried the breasts of trade to shush and the five s.'s. The whole harvey carb thing. Nothing is working. My baby is still crying. Then you look in their debris and you're like oh you and poop. You just wanted to be changed. It's actually not what was happening if you rewind a little bit. They're crying so you would take the thing off. Take the diaper off so that they could go hygienically. And if you think about it we wouldn't have lasted this long as a human species if we weren't born with those instincts to be clean and dry and so babies are constantly communicating to their parents. Hey i need this or any of that and with you see is just a matter of figuring out what that is for your baby and yeah it doesn't. There's no i'm too late. And there's no oh i have to do this. Full on every single line poop ec as an exposure technique so literally whenever you find out about it before eighteen months is all good and then yeah you totally do get to start wrapping it up at eleven months or even if you kind of have asked started or whatever and then you're like okay. I'm going to get serious now. She's walking This is a great time. Because in montessori school of thought this is the sensitive period twelve to eighteen months where this is their developmental task so they actually really want control over this during that period. So we always. I always recommend wrapping it up starting at walking and then yet by the time eighteen months comes around like if you remove the diapers early enough. It's so much easier and babies rise to the occasion. They're like oh and they've been watching you. They've been watching you and you're going bathroom and they're like i want to do that and i'm walking and i can and it like it's so straightforward of their instincts

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