Thousands Without Power as Tropical Storm Henri Makes Landfall in Rhode Island


You. You're welcome. The other emergency president Biden addressed was tropical Storm angry. It made landfall earlier today in Rhode Island very close to the Connecticut border. The storm is making its way through Connecticut, and while it has caused flooding and left thousands without power It appears to be going better than anticipated. Connecticut Public Radio's Frankie Graziano follow the storm along the Connecticut shoreline today, and he is with us now. Welcome. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. So what's been Andris impact there? So I would have to say that more than anything on Reed's been a bit of a nuisance in Connecticut, and the fact that there has been some flooding a major highway and interstate 91 in Connecticut near the Connecticut River was shut down for flooding. And some homes in eastern Connecticut have dealt with power outages, but in the aggregate, I would say in the last few days Ever source who was a major power company here said that they expected up to 69% of their customers could lose power. The actual numbers in the last hour that I've looked only around 2%. So certainly some good news there and that maybe the storm wasn't as bad as something and expected it to be. Well. That's good news. So the National Hurricane Center called for strong, gusty winds and flooding ahead of the storm. How are the roads looking now in Connecticut? Yeah, So right now, there's actually a soft rain falling in Hartford, the capital. So as I was down in southeast Connecticut on the shoreline, uh, earlier today in the afternoon, it was actually sunny and the roads were dry so Now as it's moving through Connecticut. As I mentioned, there's a soft rain. It's moving into northwest Connecticut as we speak. But earlier today again, there was a lot of concern for flooding and the roads which have been saturated by a lot of rain this summer. We're right for flooding. It just didn't appear that There was the kind of widespread flooding that they were expecting, obviously not the widespread power outages that they were

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