Race in the Ranks: Investigating Racial Bias in the U.S. Military

60 Minutes


More than seventy years after the armed services were integrated. It is still a fact of life in the us military. That african americans are more likely to be disciplined and less likely to be promoted than whites as we first reported earlier this year. Even the most successful black officers routinely feel the sting of racial bias. A large segments of the rank and file believe the system is stacked against the military has made attempts to deal with inequality before. But this time it's happening under the eye of lloyd. Austin is countries first african american secretary of defense or former soldier. Who experienced discrimination firsthand. It doesn't change As you climb the ladder You still you still get the doubts. They're always going to be people because of what you look. That will question your qualifications. Boyd austin climbed every wrong in the army starting at west point and rising all the way to four star general many times breaking barriers as the first african american ever to hold the job. There's probably not a job. That i had since i was lieutenant colonel or some people in question whether or not. I was qualified to to take that job. It's the world. I live in and and i'm sure that the other officers that you talked to would probably say the same thing. There's not a day in my life. David when i didn't wake up and think about the fact that i was a black man a number of the african american so we have talked to for this story have should when they are the only one in the room. Feel as if they're not being listened to did you have that experience absolutely had that experience. And i found ways to operate to adapt in one thousand nine hundred ninety five as the eighty second airborne first african american operations officer then lieutenant colonel austin adapted by having someone else give his briefings someone. He felt white officers. Were more likely to listen to.

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