A highlight from Lifetime Christmas 2021 First Look Preview...of a Preview (Feat. Jacks, The Bubbly Sesh/Bundle Game & Alonso Duralde, The Wrap)

Deck The Hallmark


The gang is back together. The people spoke a couple of weeks ago and they said we need this dynamic trio of myself along and it didn't take long to have enough stuff to talk about where we could do this. We'll be touching on lifetime and lifetime. Christmas movies For our first look preview of preview but also a lot of news to touch on but first of all lonzo. Jax how are you. I'll start with you alonzo Excellent thank you. My husband has started pulling out the christmas decorations yet. But if you wanna keep trying. If instagram ever comes back. We have a separate account called d. x. x. tree and you everyday you'll see like a new thing that's going to be winding up. You know decorating this apartment. I can confirm it as a great follow. I can confirm. Thank jacks and can i ask a quick. Follow up to alonzo argue guys. Are you guys a matching. Pj's at the holidays couple. no visual. Yeah yeah no very much not my. My husband is pretty much black. T. shirts all the way. And i this year. I'm very excited. Because i got the yellow being black watch plaid robe to match my black watch pajamas. I'm going to be tone on tone this year. It's gonna be very exciting. Well i mean just because it hasn't happened before doesn't mean you guys can't shoot for that this year. I'm just pretty positive. You'll meet my husband one day and you'll understand why that's probably never gonna have nothing. He doesn't love christmas but there is like just a magic that would come of him and christmas. Pj's with his voice like there's just wonderful juxtaposition there Jack how are you. are you. well i'm doing really well the only thing that's me out a little bit today. Is the reba mcentire. T shirt that. I ordered for this. Podcast has not yet arrived. But i'm still doing her ray for rain bells which i think that's also with another one of my favorite movies coming up in the lifetime. Slate this holiday season but reba will be here soon. Reba will be here soon. You guys so out festive me. Last time that. I like through on something christmasy and now a brand got black. Bramble fest shirt on my heel. So bad i came over from the couch. I was watching the latest hallmark movie. And i finished it and i came right over here and i just didn't even think about it. You know what i'm gonna. I'm gonna ask you a question. Then i'm gonna run over. I'm going to put on my about data. No jacks because. I feel like i know this About alonzo but i don't know about you What are your thoughts on christmas decorations. Are you okay with putting some stuff up in your house before thanksgiving because i am. I'm all i'm all in on that. I actually have a tree in my room up all year. That should surprise long. Yeah it's like. I don't have a lamp in my room. I just turned on the tonight. But i am really bummed. Because amid the middle middle tier finally Like a light went out. So i gotta figure that junk might just buy a new tree. I don't know But where are you at on that. And i'm gonna go get a sweater. So here's what. I'm going to unplug my headphones. You'll be able to hear me make contact with the lonzo go ahead. I am very pro. People doing whatever brings joy as long as it's not hurting other people. I personally love christmas decorations. But i really loved twinkle lights all year round now.

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