A highlight from NFL Week 2 Monday Night Football: Lions vs Packers, Odds, Picks, & Predictions

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To keep your eyes ongoing for all new users can risk five dollars win one hundred and fifty dollars no matter which side they pick and the jets broncos game this coming weekend and of course they special promotion a week from now for the monday night football showdown between the philadelphia. Eagles dallas pain second week essentially in the books. Were your first thoughts in terms of what we saw unfold. This was one of the more frustrating weeks. And i'm typically over games after they happen. But you know this this recap show here that you have me doing. I suddenly have to relive things monday morning. Post to be cathartic. This is supposed to be a safe space where you can vent you can get it off your chest and by the time we wrap things up. That's when you begin to move forward for the subsequent week i appreciate you making it linger an extra twenty four to forty eight hours team. Play saturday team planned guy team got saturday. We had to totals not get there in the first half but of course full game state under so you know you get those reverse results and if you flip on right. It's it's a winning week and then middle of last week. We took a position for sunday over. Twenty three and a half. First half and rams colts. That's why it got to twenty four. That did not go very well. Cold said two possessions where they have a first and goal from the one and then they got zero points. They're obviously and then another possession where they had second and goal from the three and got zero points there too so Of course over was a great bet despite the ridiculousness and then the full game proceeds to go over and then the one that our listeners know all too well about eagles plus three and a half for us they dominate the first half but they go into the break trailing and i watched that game pretty intently went back and watched this morning downloaded all our metrics and whatnot. They'll gain the forty niners by one hundred and seventy yards the first twenty six minutes of that game and you had the ticky tack call. Go against us on the jalen rieger touchdown. Did he step out of bounds. Was he pushed out clearly reestablished but they claiming on willingly went out of bounds. There and then you have the ninety four yard drive first and goal from the forty niners won you get zero points so you dominate that first half and the forty niners get the momentum score before break yay to say this todd. We've been doing this long enough. Where you kind of understand. The game might be over at that point even if the scoreboard says otherwise when you dominate and you should be up seventeen nothing but you mentally see the scoreboard seven three. Jesus it didn't feel like a four point game at halftime. Those spots are always interesting. I had one of our colleagues who you know. I know quite well. Send me a text. He couldn't get three and a half early on in the week in philadelphia so refrain from betting. Game shoots me a note at halftime and goes. Hey look. is this the opportunity. I need to try and get on. He had an opportunity. Bet philadelphian the money line at a reasonable price. Honestly i said you see the momentum score toback baking breaking drive ninety seven yards the forty niners cover and you might want to try and sit this one out because the exactly what you said you watch enough of these games you start to get the feel for game flow and go okay. That first half went poorly. But i feel like we have a punchers chance despite only being down seven three going into the break. I wasn't overly optimistic about what we're going to see in the final thirty minutes known. I was relatively happy with how the game was playing out. We kind of mentioned jonathan gannon coming up with a more sophisticated game. plan defensively. because that's kind of his mo one of kind of the the giant young stars up and coming as defensive mind loved what he did offensively. We said attack deep. The eagles did that a little bit better. Although i wasn't really in love with some of the stuff other than that right there is a lot of trickery. Pre snap which the forty niners probably aren't the team to do that against they see cal. Shanahan's offense all day at practice with all the window dressing trickery. Priests navin post nap didn't really attack the intermediate area of the forty niners defense. Which you know we knew corner was an issue. Moseley ended up getting downgraded to out. We saw d'arret go out with a knee injury last week. And so you're down your top two corners you call basically you know. Pull josh josh norman. Off the scrap heap thrown out there. And so you want to attack that aaron. It's great that they did it downfield but you also have to do it and intermediate area which the eagles did not do very well there. So very frustrating game from that standpoint because if you get up seventeen nothing there. It's like okay. We took the road trip one sunday night. Football on deck against aaron rodgers. Let's let's shift our focus there. It's always interesting. I mean in the nfl. I think i was taught. I first started in the industry. If you go back there are essentially three momentum place and nfl game and this is an over-simplification for those folks who want to visit me for saying this but you need to those three momentum plays to go your way when you have a dog or short home favourite and i really believe in that eagles forty niners game you know. All the momentum plays early went away the forty niners from the jalen. Rieger push out the forty niners. Who deserves full marks for bending but not breaking on the fourth and goal stand there and then of course the forty niners getting momentum scoreboard for the half that allows them to take a four point lead into the break and for all of our listeners. Out there we normally start monday with the good the bad and the ugly typically. We like to go in the optimistic and positive direction but pain since we've already started on a bit of a somber note relatively speaking. What else was disappointing to you. That you saw unfold over the weekend wasn't shocking in any way. But i thought the steelers offense just kind of proved to be what they are and it was a game against the raiders that i just wanted to stay off completely. Sharp money hit the steelers minus five role in the week. Got as high as six and a half some places sunday morning before. Joe haden endeavour bush got announced out around eleven eleven thirty am dipped back below that secondary. Key number t. J. watt then departs in the first half so pittsburgh was basically without a key cog at each level of their defense offensively. We knew there would be a trainwreck. This season you know you don't win. Many games in two thousand twenty one with less than two hundred fifty yards of offense was what the steelers had last week against buffalo. That's a great win right. You look like oh six and a half point dog on the road won outright easy peasy win expectancy was fantastic led by double digits but the offense was just freaking terrible last week and i don't know if there's going to be this massive fix right. Big ben came out in the post game pressure last week and said we're going to need to rely on her defense this season. It's not really what you want to hear from your quarterback. The offensive line isn't good. So the ground game stinks the past protections poor. Basically what you have if you're a steelers fan and you probably already know this because you've watched it for two seasons. You have a thirty nine year. Old big

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