A highlight from Mondays With The Mayor: A Chat With Acting Mayor Kim Janey

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To three talk or you can tweet us at radio boston so before we begin. I wonder if anybody knows what it's like to be in your shoes right now or in the last few weeks how are you i am doing well. I am continuing my focus on the people of boston As mayor of the city this great city we are still dealing with global pandemic and a number of challenges Facing boston as well as so many other Cities and towns across our commonwealth in country and my priority Continues to be with the people. So you're here as acting mayor. One who's been serving since march whose tenure will end in november. Last couple of times you were here is as a candidate. And we'll we'll get to that later because i do want to talk about the transition but right now i want to start with the mayoral seeing some news of the day on kovic because visors cove nineteen vaccine company has said that it's safe and effective in clinical trials for kids ages five to twelve th. They're gonna seek federal emergency use authorization. How important is that to the safety and the well being both physically and overall of the people of boston well. It's a huge milestone But to to caution folks. we're still not there yet. This is just The trial results. So we still need. Fda approval To move forward with that. But i'm very hopeful that we will get there and we will roll out a plan So that we can get our youngest children vaccinated. It is a critically important as we have. children in our schools who are not even eligible for the vaccine and so Now that we will hopefully very soon be able to Reach out to them and target them and their families We will do so this vaccine. I will continue to stress is the most effective tool to coded and we can see it when we look at who is hospitals. I who who is in the hospital who has died from cova it's very clear it's unvaccinated folks and so we have to do everything we can to get everyone in our city. The lifesaving vaccine so right now that vaccine is not mandated in boston public schools as you noted lot of kids not eligible but we hope they will become eligible and is that is the case. Do you anticipate that there might be a time. Where there's a vaccine mandate for students. There may be you know that would be again. Left to the department of education that would be left to folks at the state at the federal level. Right now we are doing all we can to keep our kids safe. And that has meant a testing protocol that that's meant investment in h fac. That has been the first the commonwealth to implement a mass mandate for our schools And as you may know we are in the first day for a vaccine verification for our city workers and our school staff are in that first cohort. How's that going heavy have you. it's good. it's encouraging well. We still have till the end of the day For folks to verify their vaccination status but the numbers have been growing throughout the day. So that's encouraging We know that many folks who are in this. And i should mention who they are. It's our schools. It is our libraries. It's age strong it's The disability commission and it is bc. Why those are the. I five That have to upload their vaccine verification status or be subjected to a weekly testing if they don't upload that status today just the nuts and bolts of this a little bit. Because we're we're on the front end of this now. How long do they have to submit. That negative test. Is that have to have been submitted today as well. No that will be A week so they have a week to do that when they'll start that but the goal is to get everyone to upload their vaccination That they are fully vaccinated. And so that's what we hope to see But those who choose not to. I will have to go through weekly testing and those who refuse weekly testing will be put on unpaid administrative leave. We have a lot of questions for american genie. What are yours one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five.

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