France-US Spat: What happens when diplomatic relations turn sour?


Me. I to explain not so much what france. He's angry about as why. France is being quite so demonstrative in its anger is agnes poirier author of not saddam the sole of france. So agnes. we don't want to get too bogged down in the details of the diplomatic spat which involves australia. The united states the united kingdom and france. But we want to talk more about the diplomatic spatters. An idea in this program both in theory and in practice. But let's start with france's participation in this particular diplomatic spat a. You surprised that. France is being quite so expressive as it is. I was at first when i first heard about that sim rain contract. I mean i knew it had been signed five years ago. Sign you about it. But it was remote souvenir and so i was quite struck. Yes by the force with which show young who is usually very cow passan. Very cautious minister very appreciated. Actually minister on the right and on the left informs used to be a defense an army ministers now the foreign affairs minister for france saying the morning when he talked about stabbing the bike etc. Everybody thought hang on a minute. There's something to it expire unusual for him and so we looked carefully at the small print and we looked into it and of course as the days passed and the anger was even more palpable. We sort of understood. What was it stake and why the french government was behaving that way

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