UK Gov't Says Lights Will Stay on Despite Energy Price Surge

The Briefing


Energy costs spiraling which means providers earned the threat of going bust and your household bills may become more expensive. But why is this the case to give you an idea of the scale of the increases faced by g phones wholesale prices for gas of searched two hundred fifty percent since january with a seventy percent rise since august alone and the situation to get worse with uk gas prices for next month surging. Sixteen percent today. A business lifelock has more but in summary so tough time to be in the energy business right now. Of course the companies come put up prices because of the government's energy price cap business secretary quasi quasi said today it would remain in place and he reassured. Mp's in the commons that he didn't expect supply emergencies to occur this winter. Adding there is absolutely no question of the lights going out it senior tories of warned about the wider impact. The cost of living crisis could erupt into the biggest political issue of the decade read. Why surging gas prices could cancel christmas and hit food supplies. Ross clark knows where he thinks. The blame for the crisis lies arguing. The chickens are coming home to roost for millie. Banditism and we have a guide to how to protect yourself from rising and prices and supplies going bust.

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