Trump Raised Awareness the Issues of Elections in Our Country


Man we have a lot to go over But to underscore this issue about how we're going to slaughter them in 2022 If they succeed in changing our election laws which is in this bill coming up next week We may not slaughter them Because that entire change is intended to empower the Democrat party and eliminate competition That's the purpose And they can attack Donald Trump all they want for raising issues about fraud and elections is so forth And the cape mayorca Chris Christie and irrelevancy Can attack whomever he wants and in some areas you know some of the allegations are a preposterous But that said Trump has brought focused attention to the problem of elections in this country And lawyers like Mark Elias and law firms like Perkins cooey And the really illegal dirty tricks Outrageous dirty tricks of the Clinton campaign and the DNC Working with the FBI and intelligence agencies and quite frankly the Oval Office and others This is another reason they hate Donald Trump Because the guy doesn't take crap That's why And so for that he's supposed to be quiet Meanwhile George W. Bush don't you wonder sometimes how he got nominated and elected

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