Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and the Sex Trade in the Philippines With Wipe Every Tear


These girls once you get them out You establish them in these different lives. I mean do you track them. How does that all you can answer. Because i mean i'm just fascinated. I know nothing. But i we bring them into our homes. You know if the first going back a little bit you know they come in. They visit like for one hour. We take a two hour trip the visit for an hour. We feed them a meal. They're very hungry and we take them back home so can go back to work. That's tough and it's very soft sale. And then they text us they call us and they say i'm ready. And then they come in they come into our care we send a vehicle go pick them up we send a team of people so we get him in and depends sometimes. They've only had third grade. Now we got to work on their. Ged it's called. Ls there to finish grade school. Then we put them into high school or ged program and that qualifies them for college. A number of them already have high school diplomas and then we we enroll them. We want to see them getting college. To break poverty. In that family line and their extended family that goes a horizontally as well their cousins everything they share with everybody. And so you break if you bring one girl into freedom like just explained her whole family from then on. It's all broke. Poverty is broken and we've had forty seven college graduates now and there are going to be hundreds more in the name of

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