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Good morning good afternoon and good evening. Welcome to the mental. Health comedy podcast. I'm crasnick my partner. Jennifer kalari shortly. This is the show where we talk about mental health and we practice mental health skills. This is like a therapy theme party. This is therapy palooza and basically we're going to have a little little jam session today with two great writer performers Both comedians both very funny comedians and very original in their comedy. This gentleman I've known for many years always been a fan. He's wildly creative. He started as. Tv's frank on the peabody ward. Winning show mystery science theater. Three thousand. And that mr frank kahn enough so frank joining us very shortly along with frank is also a frown. Old friend who. I haven't talked to in a long time and she is uniquely talented. Actress writer comedian Worked with many great People doing many great things including bob odenkirk on the movie. Melvin goes to dinner and many other shows and that's kathleen role and so kathleen role and frank conner frank and kathleen roll coming up. Shortly you can order. Your mental health is hot potholders. Don't wait on this. Because mental health is hot deposit. Holders are beautifully designed and they're good reminders. That your emotion you know. Showing emotion is very attractive very very attractive so order. Your mental health is hot potholders. And this is the show that explores how we relate to our thoughts and feelings. Let's go from. I'm a piece of shit too. I'm at peace with ship. Let's do that I don't generally swear but why not. This is therapy palooza. We always like to welcome our listeners. No matter what emotional state there in so here are emotional shouts if you think the delta variant is a penn state university frat house welcome if your style of communicating can be described as door dash. If you believe that we should just start filming the words largest medical drama because we all look like we're going into surgery. Welcome if you wanna see a remake of beauty and the beast where the beast gives the ted talk if all the gun. Violence in america has forced you into investing in a kevlar onesie. Welcome if you'd like to take a master class and avoiding conflict welcome and if you beating yourself up even now there's always a place for you right here on the mental health comedy. Podcast right now. I wanna bring in my partner. The high priestess of the hippo campus the wizard of wellbeing and the magellan of emotion regulation jennifer kalari jennifer. I mean. I've looked at life from both from no sides now so if you're an introvert to begin with and you're going through covert in isolation what the hell do you do good question. Well it depends. Like i feel like interviewed. A lot of introverts have actually enjoyed cova because no one's enjoyed it but it's actually been easier for them in some ways because all of the really stressful things that they've had to do they don't have to do is the extroverts. I think that had a really tough time emotionally so like when you ask that what do you mean because now they have to go out into the world. We'll get this. This is like you know people are going out. But they're also not going out freely they're going out with this thing that there's a variant out and so it's like how do you the hokey pokey your doing the emotional hokey pokey you putting you for an end. You're taking your phone out reading watching the news. You're going crazy what what do you do. It is tricky. It's interesting because a lot of the young people in kids in idelson work with that that are real introverts who really don't like being out. They actually felt when you when people weren't wearing masks. They didn't feel good like they liked wearing the masks. They serve felt a little bit hidden from the world. It really helped especially people that have social anxiety and you can talk to yourself. You can mutter. You can make faces so it's interesting like as the world was just becoming normal or semi normal and that was bringing up things for people in now as you said it's going back going backwards so a lot of kids that i'm working with aren't even excited about school. Because they figure well why get excited. It's probably we're gonna end up back online so there's just a lot of. I think it's just hard on everybody right now. It's just nobody knows what's happening. It's a mess you know. I had so many plans for today's show about topics that we could do. And i tell you right honestly. I forgot every one of them. So that's it. no no no no. I think what we'll do is i think we'll just. We'll just open. Open the show up and i'm completely blank isn't that amazing And i'm so excited to be honest about it. I'm i have so much on my mind. Thera- palooza two thousand twenty one. It's fear chela. It's a festival Here we go okay so our guests is. I told you a two great comics writers. And it's a pleasure to reunite with them. It's like a peaches and herb day here with with. But there's three of us. And that's frank khan if and kathleen role now franken and kathleen. You have a unique situation there. Your neighbors the our in our neighborhood is the mid hundreds so franken. I are mirror children. In comparison of the the the the most of the residents are building or of an advanced age and i will go and borrow a defibrillator. It is it's raging from elderly to dead is the is the that is the demographic. Yeah and i had. I had a quadruple bypass just to fit in. Yes the neighbors very nicely you know. Mostly quiet Keep people who are quite mostly keep to themselves in other words potential serial killers.

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