Food Allergies in Children with Dr. Kenneth Bock


Talk more about food allergies. This is an interesting thing to delve into talk. Abo- how often you'd see people with these back in the day. He talked about this this patient back when you gave that lecture that you already working with with autism and then how commoner they these days how is that changed over the years. Well i think they're more common There's there's actually food allergies which is a classical food allergy reaction Kind of more like the immediate strawberries. Get hide so to speak And then there's more delayed reactions food sensitivities which are different than denies to. They're usually they can be very very disguised because it can happen later. It doesn't happen right away. but and so i think the incidence of allergies has increased because the immune systems. Our kids have gotten skewed. And i'm happy to talk a little bit that sufficient second because i think it's contributed but So there's more and more issue's gi issues especially in the partition population. But certainly all these kids with mood. Disorders anybody with a chronic illness whether it be physical or neuropsychiatric. But what have you. You have to look at the gut and that when there are problems in the gut that can contribute in the microbiome The good the good bacteria in the gut that could contribute to immune imbalances skewed immune systems and more food allergies and also food sensitivities. Where you know where if you have a permeable gut lining you. Don't you lose the integrity of the gut. Lining keep certain things out especially large molecules. They get in tight. Junctions get opened up. These large molecules getting the immune system. Seventy to seventy five percent which lies right under the this one layered epithelium in the gut allows these molecules to getting immune system sees them and they reacting appropriately with an immune reaction to something that they should be reacting to food. And so whether you get a food allergy reaction Action and. I do believe that this is. There's no question has been happening. More and more. We see it more. And more i think disruption to the microbiome the microbiome is that correction of the microorganisms got trillions of bacteria other organisms that hopefully are in a healthy diversity a healthy balance but frequently unfortunately not and that also contributes to increasing food allergies.

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