Apple Settles Class Action Lawsuit With App Developers

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Apple settled a hundred million dollar lawsuit time. Can you walk through. What was this lawsuit. And what was the settlement so apple there is a class action lawsuit from a variety of developers Who said that. The app store was monopoly. That apple was you know being unfair. It was an improper monopolization to the market. It was filed in twenty nineteen and apple is settled that wall street this week with one hundred million dollars settlement that includes clarifying. Some of its policy is about some rules on irs. They're making one hundred. Million dollar fund develop burs thirty million dollars of which is going to be used to pay lawyers. And if you're a smaller iowa's developer you'll you'll probably get some money out of this. They're also going to do things like not change. How app store works for minimum of. I think three years and they're going to keep the small business. The app store small business program which says that if you earn less than one million dollars a year you can apply to get fifteen percent cut your sales instead of thirty percent so that will stay unchanged for the next three years also in its current form which is if you make less than a million and you could do that the day that you go over and you know you make a million dollars once again. Subject to the thirty million a thirty percent cut so that's not changing in either direction And there will be more price points for apps so instead of selling app for like a dollar you'll be able to in theory sal for like a dollar fifty or a dollar eighty. There's like more than five hundred points coming right now. There's one hundred. So

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