Texas Passes Law Stating No Permit Necessary to Open Carry a Gun


Attorney general talk about the new second amendment bill. That was just passed. That has everyone freaking out of what's happening in texas. Well it's a long time coming. I've been in favor of this forever. You don't have to have a permit to for free speech. You don't have a permit to go exercise your faith. I don't think you should have to have a permit to carry under the second amendment so in texas we now have that we have constitutional carey which allows people to carry concealed or out in the open without going through the government to get permission. Well that's terrific and so are there any. Are there any possible legal challenges to this. I'm sure some groups are going to try. Robert francis o'rourke who calls himself beta was making all sorts of videos about this and saying it's the worst thing ever. But i don't think that's gonna hold up in court. No i mean i have. No doubt will get sued. We'll end up defending that law and will you know that's one of those cases that could could all the way the supreme court who knows either way i think we're on si- obviously solid legal footing with the constitution. It's kind of the basic of our of our of our country. So i feel i'm encouraged. It took a long time to get this through era. I was enlisted for twelve years. We were never able to get it through and finally this session happens. I'm really grateful. So let's talk more. Broadly now just about texas is texas at risk of going. Blue harris county seems to be a blue county now vallis counties whatever it is. What are you seeing on the ground. And how can people help. Were absolutely a risk of going blew. It would have happened this time. Had we not fought these lawsuits. I it's all about whether we can protect the integrity of our elections and that is a constant battle. And that's why this election bill was was passed. And we've got to be vigilant. I think there's another bill. They're considering on on on looking at. Its potential type. Audits like you guys are doing here. I think we've got to do that to make sure that our elections are fair and that people can trust them because once you lose if we lose control in texas. I'm not sure that we'd ever get it back because if they open up mail in ballot let elections. We're gonna end up a lot more fraud and we may never be able to take it back and so it's pretty important that we secure elections now. Because you know you go to california. There's a lot of valen ballots. And i don't know if we'll ever know if there's a fair election california oregon or washington right.

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