A highlight from 60 Minutes 8/29

60 Minutes


Jets problem is there's a shortage of them revealing a serious national security issue forty five years ago. The united states produces thirty seven percent of the world semiconductor manufacturing in the us today. That number has declined to just twelve percent. Doesn't sound good. The hunts point to the pentagon these are known as unidentified aerial phenomena. But what they are and where they come from. Remain a mystery even after a government investigation. What do you think when you see something like this. This is a difficult one to explain. You have rotation you have. High altitudes have propulsion right. I don't know. I don't know what it is. Frankly sometimes athletes do remarkable things that have nothing to do with sports and the comeback of alex smith. It's that description like few things we've ever seen. What is a compound spiral fracture. He had a fracture that extended from his ankle joint up to his knee joint. So it spiraled all the way up the tibia and then he had a piece of bone sticking out of the skin tonight on story about character from our nation's capital. I'm lesley stahl. I'm bill whittaker. I'm anderson cooper. I'm nora o'donnell i'm scott. Pelley those stories tonight on sixty minutes. This is cbs news. Business analyst jill schlesinger. Something great has happened for me this summer. I have discovered annie's kit clubs. And i sent them to a few of my nieces. Who have kids. Who were so psyched to get these amazing start of the summer projects. There was card maker. Knits striped afghans. Simply beads lots more kids are designed for every level of crafter and we got a lot of our family. These were high quality interactive great summertime projects for kids ages seven to twelve.

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