A highlight from 431: Medical Doctor REVEALS a Proven Plan to Beat Burnout and BOOST YOUR ENERGY Today! | Dr. Amy Shah


And be sure and subscribe while you're there. If at the end of this conversation you leave feeling inspired and take a lot away from it. The best thing you can do to help this show continue to grow is share with somebody in your life that you care about. Thank you so much without further ado here. We go a doctor. Amy shaw amy. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing today. Thank you so much for having me. Jesse we got a lot to get into and your big thing is talking about energy and we're going to get your personal stories so this comes from personal experience of being depleted of your your normal level of energy but first. Let's talk about your perspective as a clinician as a medical doctor working with patients. What do you see as being the top causes when people come to you and complain of low energy. This is such a great multi factory all question. I mean for far too long in western medicine. We've been concentrating on resuscitative care. It's like after you've broken and fallen and almost to the point of no return Then we start focusing on you. And that's how medicine is structured western medicine. Does it look at the fast other part of health which is feeling good on a day to day basis. Taking care of your health so you don't end up in that situation. Resuscitate care is important. But it's only one part of medicine. And i already knew this because my family was immigrant family to the us and everyone my dad and his brothers all were diagnosed with total diabetes. Almost few years. After moving to the us and i knew partially it's genetics. But i knew there was a huge change in their dietary habits and their lifestyle habits and it made me really interested in nutrition and how that plays into health and when i graduated nutrition school the rates of obesity in the us at least was about thirty percent which was shockingly high. And then when. I finished medical school and trading. It was up to forty two percent and now it's almost half of this country is obese and so whatever we're doing right now is not working in preventing diseases like obesity diabetes heart disease We need to concentrate on that. So that's pretty much. The the reason i gotta tell fast and when it comes to specifically people that come to see you complaining of low energy. How common is that and then when you start doing the digging in you can explain what you do when you work with a patient like that. Do you do different testing or is it pretty subjective question and answer. What are the top things that you're noticing is causing this depletion jesse the life we lead right now leads to fatigue and out it is the fast track so almost everyone i see. Who's working crazy hours. I'm trying to balance life and work children and family. almost all of those people have complained of fatigue. That's most common complaint seen all over the world but especially in my practice. And what i found is one of the reasons this happens is because the default life that we live which i will get into but basically low natural light not enough nature time a of blasting blue light late in the day. disrupted eating schedules. Sleeping schedules A lots of media consumption which is basically wired to turn on your stress hormones and not enough balanced to that Those are the basic reasons that we're feeling this way. Now i know that mind got connection. The minded gut connection is literally the center of why we're so tired and let's talk more about that connection when we speak of the mind gut connection. Is that when we're eating. Certain things in throwing off the gut microbiome. What's happening down there. That affecting the mind or different thoughts were thinking that are negative. And then that affecting the guide or both that's such a great point it's bidirectional bi directional meaning that the thoughts that input that you're getting from your eyes in your brain affects the gut and the things you eat. And the exercise all of that is is is the digested or understood by the gut microbiome gut bacteria and they send the signals of what they feel to the brain so for example there are gut bacteria that seemed to control mood and energy and they responsible food that you eat but also the exercise that you do how you control your stress. It's all interconnected in since it is so multifactorial. How do you begin with somebody. Because you know there's so much stress in today's world there's there's a lot of people not eating. Ideally how do you begin with somebody. This is a great question so right now we have no structure no regulated structure of how to treat fatigue in the first place. First things first are always rule out medical causes fatigue. Because you know we don't want to miss a b twelve deficiency vitamin d deficiency a mental health issue a neurological problem.

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